Hospice & Home Health: What services do I need?

Hospice and Home Health are different in types of care provided and duration of care and vary on which is appropriate during each patient’s health care journey. One thing to keep in mind are the goals of the patient and level of care needed determine which is the most appropriate. The goals of both are to provide patient centered care

Hospice focuses on maintaining a quality of life when facing a life-limiting illness. Hospice is often suggested when a patient or loved one is facing less than 6 months to live. When the patient’s focus becomes quality of life, fighting and curative measures no longer make sense they usually turn to hospice.
The diversity of hospice services complex caring for both the mind and body. The care giving team often includes medical staff, chaplain, social worker and volunteers who spend time with the patient and the patient families. Click the button below for more info!

Home Health is often focused on recovering from an injury, surgery or living with an ongoing diagnosis. It focuses on providing services to restore and obtain the maximum functional potential and overall wellness of our patients. Home Health Care has increasingly become the choice for medical care after a hospital stay and assistance with daily living. Healthcare professionals agree, patients recuperate faster in the comfort and convenience of their home. Click the button below for more info.

Visit our eligibility pages to help identify what services you could benefit from and call our patient care coordinators to better discuss your personalized medical treatment plan.

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