Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy describes what information may be collected from you and how it’s used in our site.

How your information can be collected:

  1. Contacting us through our site
  2. Filling out forms on our site
  3. When you enter personal information on our site, such as: name, e-mail address, mailing address, or telephone number

How we can use your information:

  1. We may be able to better serve your needs by personalizing you experience
  2. We may be able to improve our website and services advertised through feedback provided by you
  3. To administer a survey or another site feature

How we protect your information:
We use any information provided by you only for the purpose of its submission. The information is classified and protected per our security measure.


Cookies, and other internet technologies commonly used, allow for a more improved website experience. Keeping track of any advertisements or recording data about website traffic may also use these technologies, among other services. However, some information may also help improve the overall website experience. Thus, it’s used only for that purpose or kept confidential otherwise. Even though some features may not be available after this, cookies may be turned off through browser settings.

Third Parties:

Separate sites offering any third party on our site may have independent policies. We are not responsible for any miscommunication of content and/or activities in these separate sites.

By using our website, you accept to these conditions in our Privacy Policy.