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Is It Time for Hospice?

The goal of Superior Hospice is care, comfort and dignity every step of you or your loved one’s journey during a life-limiting illness.

It is a good time to call Superior Hospice if you or your loved one’s is experience any of the following:

  • If faced with a physical decline, multiple emergency room visits or inpatient hospitalizations
  • When the illness is no longer responding to treatment
  • Serum albumin <2.5mg/dl, weight loss and dependence on most activities of daily living
  • Has your Doctor mentioned the need or benefit from Hospice care

How do I start the Self-Referral process? Call Superior’s intake department if you feel that you or your loved one might be ready for hospice. One of our patient care coordinators can set up a time to discuss your options and support you through this decision. Our staff work together with one goal: to respect you and your loved one’s final decision complete with compassion, dignity and love every step of the journey.

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