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The agency is required by law to maintain the privacy of your protection health information (PHI).
The agency must abide by the terms of this notice and any update to this notice.
Uses and disclosures: We will use and disclose elements of your protected health information in the following ways:

1. For the provisions of health care treatment:

Examples include:

A. Written and oral communications with your physician for the oversight and supervision of the care provided by the agency. Including review, approval and changes to your plan of care, summary reports of care provided and your response care provided.
B. Written and oral communications with facilities which provide you with in-patient and or outpatient care.
C. Written and oral communications with other home health, hospice or personal assistance agencies which are currently providing care to you.
D. Written and oral communications with laboratory or x-ray facilities required to provide or have provided care for the purpose of providing monitoring and diagnosis of your condition.
E. Written and oral communication with contacted health care providers involved in the care provided to you by the agency.
F. In emergency situation or to avert emergency situations or to avert serious health/safety issues.

2. Payment

Examples include:

A. Written and oral communications with Medicare, Medicaid, or your private insurance carrier.
B. Electronically submitted health claims.

3. Health Care Options:

Examples include:

A. Referral to Durable Medical Equipment Companies and Pharmacies for the purpose of obtaining medical equipment, supplies or medications necessary to provide treatment.
B. Conducting quality assessments and improvements activities, including outcomes evaluations and development of clinical guidelines.
C. Conducting training programs in which to practice or improve their skills such as health care providers.

4. When release is required by law, including in judicial settings and to health oversight and law enforcement.

5. To medical examiners, coroners of funeral directors to aid in identifying your help in performing their duties.

6. All other uses and disclosures by us will require us to obtain from a written authorization.

You have the Following Rights Concerning your PHI:

Restrictions: To request restricted access to all or part of your PHI. To do this you must inform agency verbally and sign an authorization that identifies what PHI you are requesting restricted access is requested. The agency staff member will provide you with a form for this request. We are not required to grant you your request.

Confidential Communications: To receive correspondence for confidential information by alternate means or location. To do this, you must inform the agency verbally and in writing of the alternate means and location, you wish to use to receive correspondence of confidential information. The agency staff member will provide you with a form for this request.


Superior Home Health Services

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